admincreate and administer SCCS files Jakob Kaivo
aliasdefine or display aliases Jakob Kaivo
arcreate and maintain library archives Jakob Kaivo3 months
asainterpret carriage-control characters Jakob Kaivo3 months
atexecute commands at a later time Jakob Kaivo
basenamereturn non-directory portion of a pathname Jakob Kaivo3 months
batchschedule commands to be executed in a batch queue Jakob Kaivo
bcarbitrary-precision arithmetic language Jakob Kaivo3 months
c99compile standard C programs Jakob Kaivo
calprint a calendar Jakob Kaivo3 months
catconcatenate and print files Jakob Kaivo3 months
cca C-language compilation system Jakob Kaivo3 months
cdchange the working directory Jakob Kaivo
cflowgenerate a C-language flowgraph Jakob Kaivo
chgrpchange the file group ownership Jakob Kaivo3 months
chmodchange the file modes Jakob Kaivo3 months
chownchange the file ownership Jakob Kaivo3 months
cksumwrite file checksums and sizes Jakob Kaivo3 months
cmpcompare two files Jakob Kaivo3 months
commselect or reject lines common to two files Jakob Kaivo9 days
compresscompress data Jakob Kaivo
cpcopy files Jakob Kaivo3 months
crontabschedule periodic background work Jakob Kaivo3 months
csplitsplit files based on context Jakob Kaivo
ctagscreate a tags file Jakob Kaivo3 months
cutcut out selected fields of each line of a file Jakob Kaivo
cxrefgenerate a C-language program cross-reference table Jakob Kaivo
datewrite the date and time Jakob Kaivo3 months
ddconvert and copy a file Jakob Kaivo3 months
dirnamereturn the directory portion of a pathname Jakob Kaivo3 months
duestimate file space usage Jakob Kaivo3 months
echowrite arguments to standard output Jakob Kaivo
ededit text Jakob Kaivo3 months
envset the environment for command invocation Jakob Kaivo3 months
extext editor Jakob Kaivo3 months
expandconvert tabs to spaces Jakob Kaivo3 months
exprevaluate arguments as an expression Jakob Kaivo
falsereturne false value Jakob Kaivo10 days
fcprocess the command history list Jakob Kaivo
fgrun jobs in the foreground Jakob Kaivo
filedetermine file type Jakob Kaivo3 months
findfind files Jakob Kaivo
foldfilter for folding lines Jakob Kaivo
fort77FORTRAN compiler Jakob Kaivo
fuserlist process IDs of all processes that have one or more files open Jakob Kaivo
gencatgenerate a formatted message catalog Jakob Kaivo
getget a version of an SCCS file Jakob Kaivo
getconfget configuration values Jakob Kaivo3 months
getoptsparse utility options Jakob Kaivo
grepsearch a file for a pattern Jakob Kaivo3 months
hashremember or report utility locations Jakob Kaivo
headcopy the first part of files Jakob Kaivo3 months
iconvcodeset conversion Jakob Kaivo3 months
idreturn user identity Jakob Kaivo9 days
ipcrmremove an XSI message queue, semaphore set, or shared memory segment identifier Jakob Kaivo10 days
ipcsreport XSI interprocess communication facilities status Jakob Kaivo11 days
jobsdisplay status of jobs in the current session Jakob Kaivo
joinrelational database operator Jakob Kaivo
killterminate or signal processes Jakob Kaivo10 days
lexgenerate programs for lexical tasks Jakob Kaivo3 months
linkcall link function Jakob Kaivo3 months
lnlink files Jakob Kaivo3 months
localeget locale-specific information Jakob Kaivo3 months
localedefdefine locale environment Jakob Kaivo
loggerlog messages Jakob Kaivo3 months
lognamereturn the user's login name Jakob Kaivo3 months
lpsend files to a printer Jakob Kaivo
lslist directory contents Jakob Kaivo10 days
m4macro processor Jakob Kaivo
mailxprocess messages Jakob Kaivo
makemaintain, update, and regenerate groups of programs Jakob Kaivo
mandisplay system documentation Jakob Kaivo
mesgpermit or deny messages Jakob Kaivo
mkdirmake directories Jakob Kaivo3 months
mkfifomake FIFO special files Jakob Kaivo3 months
moredisplay files on a page-by-page basis Jakob Kaivo3 months
mvmove files Jakob Kaivo
newgrpchange to a new group Jakob Kaivo
niceinvoke a utility with an altered nice value Jakob Kaivo3 months
nlline numbering filter Jakob Kaivo
nmwrite the name list of an object file Jakob Kaivo
nohupinvoke a utility immune to hangups Jakob Kaivo3 months
oddump files in various formats Jakob Kaivo3 months
pastemerge corresponding or subsequent lines of files Jakob Kaivo3 months
patchapply changes to files Jakob Kaivo
pathchkcheck pathnames Jakob Kaivo3 months
paxportable archive interchange Jakob Kaivo3 months
prprint files Jakob Kaivo
printfwrite formatted output Jakob Kaivo3 months
prsprint an SCCS file Jakob Kaivo
psreport process status Jakob Kaivo
pwdreturn working directory name Jakob Kaivo10 days
qalteralter batch job Jakob Kaivo
qdeldelete batch jobs Jakob Kaivo
qholdhold batch jobs Jakob Kaivo
qmovemove batch jobs Jakob Kaivo
qmsgsend message to batch jobs Jakob Kaivo
qrerunrerun batch jobs Jakob Kaivo
qrlsrelease batch jobs Jakob Kaivo
qselectselect batch jobs Jakob Kaivo
qsigsignal batch jobs Jakob Kaivo
qstatshow status of batch jobs Jakob Kaivo
qsubsubmit a script Jakob Kaivo
readread from standard input into shell variables Jakob Kaivo
reniceset nice values of running processes Jakob Kaivo3 months
rmremove directory entries Jakob Kaivo3 months
rmdelremove a delta from an SCCS file Jakob Kaivo
rmdirremove directories Jakob Kaivo3 months
sactprint current SCCS file-editing activity Jakob Kaivo
sccsfront end for the SCCS subsystem Jakob Kaivo
sedstream editor Jakob Kaivo
shshell, the standard command language interpreter Jakob Kaivo10 days
sleepsuspend execution for an interval Jakob Kaivo3 months
sortsort, merge, or sequence check text files Jakob Kaivo10 days
splitsplit a file into pieces Jakob Kaivo3 months
stringsfind printable strings in files Jakob Kaivo3 months
stripremove unnecessary information from strippable files Jakob Kaivo
sttyset the options for a terminal Jakob Kaivo3 months
tabsset terminal tabs Jakob Kaivo
tailcopy the last part of a file Jakob Kaivo3 months
talktalk to another user Jakob Kaivo
teeduplicate standard input Jakob Kaivo3 months
testUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. Jakob Kaivo3 weeks
timetime a simple command Jakob Kaivo10 days
touchchange file access and modification times Jakob Kaivo
tputchange terminal characteristics Jakob Kaivo3 months
trtranslate characters Jakob Kaivo3 months
truereturn true value Jakob Kaivo10 days
tsorttopological sort Jakob Kaivo
ttyreturn user's terminal name Jakob Kaivo10 days
typewrite a description of command type Jakob Kaivo
ulimitset or report file size limit Jakob Kaivo
umaskget or set the file mode creation mask Jakob Kaivo
unaliasremove alias definitions Jakob Kaivo
unamereturn system name Jakob Kaivo3 months
uncompressexpand compressed data Jakob Kaivo
unexpandconvert spaces to tabs Jakob Kaivo
ungetundo a previous get of an SCCS file Jakob Kaivo
uniqreport or filter out repeated lines in a file Jakob Kaivo10 days
unlinkcall the unlink function Jakob Kaivo3 months
uucpsystem-to-system copy Jakob Kaivo
uudecodedecode a binary file Jakob Kaivo3 months
uuencodeencode a binary file Jakob Kaivo3 months
uustatuucp status enquiry and job control Jakob Kaivo
uuxremote command execution Jakob Kaivo
valvalidate SCCS files Jakob Kaivo
viscreen-oriented (visual) display editor Jakob Kaivo
waitawait process completion Jakob Kaivo
wcword, line, and byte or character count Jakob Kaivo3 months
whatidentify SCCS files Jakob Kaivo
whodisplay who is on the system Jakob Kaivo3 months
writewrite to another user Jakob Kaivo3 months
xargsconstruct argument lists and invoke utility Jakob Kaivo
yaccyet another compiler compiler Jakob Kaivo3 months
zcatexpand and concatenate data Jakob Kaivo11 days
cimplementation of system interfaces from POSIX.1 Jakob Kaivo2 weeks
includeheader files for the base definition of POSIX.1 Jakob Kaivo9 days
llibrary functions for lex programs Jakob Kaivo
ylibrary functions for yacc programs Jakob Kaivo
gettymanage a terminal device Jakob Kaivo
initinitialize the system Jakob Kaivo
loginauthenticate users Jakob Kaivo
respawndkeep programs running while the system is up Jakob Kaivo
usermanipulate users Jakob Kaivo