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masterspaces to tabsJakob Kaivo0 min.
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0 min.spaces to tabsHEADmasterJakob Kaivo
0 min.use C99 language features for C99 library functionsJakob Kaivo
0 min.get rid of malloc() where possibleJakob Kaivo
0 min.remove __unistd.dJakob Kaivo
0 min.prep for making EXT1 an optionJakob Kaivo
0 min.remove need for __unistd.cJakob Kaivo
0 min.make __ttyname a function static variableJakob Kaivo
0 min.annotate reason for forced _POSIX_C_SOURCEJakob Kaivo
0 min.add explicit symbol sizesJakob Kaivo
0 min.annotate reason for forcing _XOPEN_SOURCEJakob Kaivo