BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastermake sure strings are null terminated when rus as echoJakob Kaivo9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-03-31make sure strings are null terminated when rus as echoHEADmasterJakob Kaivo
2019-08-06add makefile since this produces two utilitiesJakob Kaivo
2019-03-15have echo() output to a buffer so \c works properly for echo and printf %bJakob Kaivo
2019-03-15%b conversions support width and precisionJakob Kaivo
2019-03-15make escape output thru a pointer, on the way to proper width/precision suppo...Jakob Kaivo
2019-03-15exit directly from a %b \c escape, ease logic at outer loopJakob Kaivo
2019-03-15note TODO for %b: it needs to handle width and precision like %sJakob Kaivo
2019-03-15add more explicit diagnosis for non-numeric conversionJakob Kaivo
2019-03-15multi-call alias to echoJakob Kaivo
2019-03-15initial implementationJakob Kaivo