AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
0 min.split pwd into its own repoHEADmasterJakob Kaivo
0 min.compile included true and false directly into builtins.oJakob Kaivo
0 min.split true into its own (trivial) repoJakob Kaivo
0 min.split false into its own (trivial) repoJakob Kaivo
0 min.extract kill, as it can also stand aloneJakob Kaivo
0 min.add missing #defineJakob Kaivo
2020-04-01better support for -c "command"Jakob Kaivo
2020-03-31refactorJakob Kaivo
2020-03-30correct placement of parens in assignment as comparisonJakob Kaivo
2020-03-30use predictably resettable getopt()Jakob Kaivo
2020-03-12actually kill somethingJakob Kaivo
2019-10-01allow for additional builtins (needed for Bosix)Jakob Kaivo
2019-10-01ignore yacc output tableJakob Kaivo
2019-10-01remove -Werror so lex/yacc output compilesJakob Kaivo
2019-10-01protect against multiple inclusionJakob Kaivo
2019-08-02compile cleanly with warnings reeanbledJakob Kaivo
2019-03-15ignore build artifactsJakob Kaivo
2019-03-15fix off-by-one on trailing whitespace trimmerJakob Kaivo
2019-03-15really don't crash on empty inputJakob Kaivo
2019-03-15don't crash on empty command linesJakob Kaivo
2019-03-15remove double freeJakob Kaivo
2019-03-15ignore signed comparisons because of flex/bison outputJakob Kaivo
2019-03-15common function pidfrom() for job control functionsJakob Kaivo
2019-03-15rough outJakob Kaivo
2019-03-13migrate to gitlabJakob Kaivo